About Me

About me (Adi Perkal)


Adi has been working as a health and fitness coach in a corporate environment for over 16 years. Her focus and passion throughout her career have been helping people feel mentally and physically better and stronger.

Working predominantly with corporate clientele, she has learned first-hand the challenges corporate employees have been facing and the positive impact the health and wellbeing programs have, not only on individuals but also on businesses.

She has completed a Bachelor of Traditional Chinese Medicine, which further enhances her holistic approach to health and wellbeing. She is currently completing her Master’s in Mental health.

In 2019 she founded Etgar Solutions Pty LTD, intending to help organisations focus further on employees’ and leaders’ mental and physical health. Adi takes part in the SCU Faculty of Health Equity Diversity and Inclusion Committee. she is very passionate about health and wellbeing and believes everyone should have the opportunity to lead a healthy, meaningful, fulfilling life. Her work focuses on leading positive changes and reaching as many people as possible.